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Puget Sound Sage: Visionary of Justice Awards

Puget Sound Sage is excited to announce this year’s Visionary for Justice awardees, Yemane Gebremicael and the I-124 Coalition.

Yemane Gebremicael

A longtime member of Sage’s coalition SouthCORE, Yemane is a development economist with decades of experience in strategic planning, designing and managing social service and development programs. He is a powerful leader for racial justice, lending his expertise to forward policies for affordable housing, transit justice, and equitable development in the region.Yemane Gebremicael

After working for the Ethiopian Government for over ten years, Yemane joined World Vision, eventually becoming the Executive Director of their work in Ethiopia. In 1993, he transferred to the US headquarters to manage capacity building initiatives, grant monitoring programs, and project evaluation across the African continent. Yemane has worked for the Horn of Africa Services, University of Washington, City of Seattle, and is the co-founder and president of African Diaspora of Washington.


I-124 Coalition

Initiative 124 is on the ballot this November! This initiative ensures Seattle hotel workers will have access to affordable family medical care, basic job security, regulated workloads and protections from sexual harassment on the job.


The 124 Initiative is the culmination of years of organizing and building power for women workers in the hospitality industry. Comprised of hotel workers, community organizations and labor groups, the coalition is creating policy change on the local level to protect women workers from sexual harassment and inhumane workloads.

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