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The foundation supports organizations that promote global environmental justice and a diverse environmental movement, create solutions to climate change, and build a sense of urgency around its impact on human and wildlife communities.


The Mize Family Foundation
envisions a planet in which humans 
cooperate to 
and foster 


The Mize Family Foundation (MFF) is a small US-based foundation focused on solutions to climate change and its impact on human and wildlife communities. MFF funds organizations which work on both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. We support organizations in the US and a few select organizations in sub-Saharan Africa. We are committed to supporting organizations that model and promote diversity, social justice, and gender equality within their own structures and in the communities they serve, with an overarching emphasis on climate justice. We fund organizations implementing one or more of the following strategies:

Innovative MediaWe fund organizations working in traditional and new media, who use creative methods to communicate effectively issues related to climate change and environmental justice. 

Leadership Development – We fund groups that organize, train, and advocate for youth and marginalized communities working on climate change issues.

Community Empowerment – We fund grassroots community projects focused on health, education, and environmental rights, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. These can include organizations that work in land rights, agricultural sustainability, women’s rights and leadership, and citizens’ legal rights in areas threatened by extraction

MFF believes that the intersection of these areas provides us distinctive opportunities to support compelling organizations that address the urgency of climate change. 

Grant proposals are accepted by invitation only.