Based in Seattle, Washington, The Mize Family Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that operate with one or more of the following strategies: innovative media, leadership development and community empowerment. Supporting these areas of focus provide the Mize Family Foundation a distinctive opportunity to address the urgency of climate change and global environmental justice.

One of the most important steps our foundation can take in advocating for a resilient society is to divest from fossil fuels. We are proud and thrilled to take part in the Divest-Invest Philanthropy Campaign. We hope to set a precedent for other foundations and organizations to commit to a future without dependence on fossil fuels.


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Proposals are accepted by invitation only. 

Grant cycles are for one calendar year. At this time, MFF does not fund multi-year grants; however, at the discretion of the MFF Board, organizations may be invited to submit a proposal for subsequent years in a row.


Our Leadership Team

Anne B. Mize

Anne is the President of the Mize Family Foundation. She has over thirty years of consulting experience in the nonprofit sector. As an organizational development consultant and philanthropist, she has worked with...

Nannette Fok

Nanette Fok is Secretary of the MFF Board. Nanette is an independent grantwriter, working with a variety of nonprofit agencies based in the Seattle area. She has worked in fundraising and...

Meskerem Mize

Meskerem Mize graduated from the University of Washington with a Masters in Social Work and a concentration on children, youth, and families. During her studies, she worked at the UW Global Health...

Katrin Wilde

Katrin Wilde,  is the Executive Director of the Channel Foundation, where she guides its grantmaking, advocacy, and collaboration in order to support and promote leadership in women’s human rights around...

Tracy Rector

Tracy Rector (Choctaw/Seminole) is a mixed race filmmaker, curator, community organizer, and programmer. Currently, she is serving as Director of Storytelling at Nia Tero, a non-profit committed to supporting Indigenous...

Jane Barry

Jane Barry,  is a principal with over 20 years of experience consulting to leading international organizations and non-profits on humanitarian aid, development assistance, and human rights. Her field experience includes...