The foundation supports organizations that promote global environmental justice and a diverse environmental movement, building a sense of urgency around the impacts of climate change on human and wildlife communities.

Our Vision

The Mize Family Foundation envisions a planet in which humans cooperate to create and foster a sustainable natural environment.

Our Values

Supporting Emerging Leaders – Empowering youth and women and grassroots activists of all ages to represent their communities promotes effective solutions created by those living with the most devastating impacts of climate change.

Climate Justice – Everyone has a right to a healthy and sustainable environment. Climate change, however, disproportionately affects marginalized communities around the globe and, too often, their voices are left unheard. To be effective, climate solutions must include these community members’ unique experiences and leadership, and we advocate for the prioritization of meaningful diversity and inclusion efforts on the boards and staff and within the constituencies of environmental organizations and movements.

Interdependence of Our Ecosystem – The health of our ecosystem comes from the sustainable interactions between wildlife, humans, and the environment.

Trust in our Partners – MFF provides general operating funds for our grantees, trusting in the vision and leadership of each organization with whom we partner.