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Aug 19 National Day of Action Against White Supremacy

The Majority organized a call to stand on the side of justice in the face of hate. We know that to combat hate, we have to build long-lasting, sustainable people-powered movements. That means growing the power of everyday people to build and defend vibrant and free communities.

If you missed the call, here are links to recording of the discussion in English and in Spanish, along with important resources to help support the needs organizers in Charlottesville who are committed to making the city a safe and welcoming place:

  • Financial support in Charlottesville for ongoing mental health and trauma counseling for local organizers as well as victims of violence on Friday and Saturday, especially people of color. You can donate directly to BLM Charlottesville’s Paypal account [here].
  • Mark your calendars and plan an action for Saturday, August 19th – National Day of Action against white supremacy.  We will continue to focus our attention on the many institutions that maintain white supremacy.  Identify symbols and institutions of white supremacy in your community.  For some, this might be a monument.  Also, we challenge you to use your imagination and consider all the symbols and institutions of white supremacy: a corporate headquarter, a local police union, a campus building, or a local politician that has yet to cut ties with the Trump/White Supremacist project, and for those close enough, White House.  You may host a mobilization or rally.  You can also get creative. For example, host a community education gathering during which attendees are encouraged to show their support through letter writing campaigns, online petitions, & other means. Consider hosting a speak-out or “popular assembly” where people are urged to develop concrete ways to push your community’s institutions to reject white supremacy and resource our liberation.  Lastly, we challenge you, based on your local community, to consider not just what we must tear down but also what we must build in its place.  Some, like those in Charlottesville are organizing around local equity / reparations legislation, others are working to defund dangerous policing and redirect those resources to local Black communities.  We’ll be sharing an action toolkit and website with more resources soon.
  • Reinforce the following demands (From the Charlottesville Community):
    • On Aug. 30th, there is a hearing on Charlottesville city’s request to dismiss the case by The Monument Fund, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and other individuals, on the grounds the law they are using to challenge City Council’s decision does not apply to this particular statue. If the city wins, the Lee stature can be legally removed. We ask for your support in putting national pressure on Judge Richard Moore of the Charlottesville Circuit Court and urge him to dismiss the lawsuit.
    • Put national pressure on Mayor Mike Signer and Councilwoman Kathy Galvin—both of whom voted against removing the monument to white supremacy from our public park—to change their votes and stand united before the court date on Aug. 30th. Failing that, we ask for their resignation.
    • Put national pressure on the University of Virginia (UVA) to publicly denounce alumni Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, revoke their diplomas, and commit to ejecting them from UVA grounds should they enter the campus again.

Lastly, as shared on the call, BLM organizers in Boston are planning to directly confront white supremacists that are planning an action there next Saturday.  Please consider donating to them here so that they have the resources they need to raise their voices and protect their community.

Charlottesville is not an anomaly; this is happening all over America.  In cities like Durham, Tampa and New Orleans, people are organizing to take down racist monuments too.  In other communities people are fighting the day-to-day manifestations of white supremacy these monuments represent.  Only through movement building and community organizing will we change the condition under which America’s most oppressed people live.  This is why we’re calling everyone to boldly and publicly choose a side in this fight.  Thank you for joining us in opposition to white supremacy and state violence.  Let’s tear down all the systems of hate and build a world we believe in.

In solidarity,

The Majority

Visit the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance website.

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