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FIMI, IFIP and AWID launches a joint report “A Call to Action: Insights Into the Status of Funding for Indigenous Women’s Groups”

The International Indigenous Women Forum -FIMI-, is pleased to share the the report “A Call to Action: Insights Into the Status of Funding for Indigenous Women’s Groups”, a joint report promoted by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development -AWID- , the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples -IFIP- in collaboration with FIMI. The report provides inputs for the analysis on the state of financing indigenous women’s organizations, establishing a beginning towards a collective construction process.

This report shares findings from a collaborative study that shows a new story around resourcing Indigenous women’s rights-one where the critical work being carried out by its leaders is brought into the spotlight. This Report also shares a second story about the growing and steadfast community of grant makers who are partnering with Indigenous women’s groups, and the considerations that need to be in place to promote the full exercise of the rights of Indigenous women.

Its content exposes the experiences brought together by three unique organizations (IFIP, FIMI and AWID) producing a first-of-its kind snapshot of the funding landscape for Indigenous women’s organizing. The report unpacks history and available data to provide an essential resource that shares lessons learned, highlights key findings, and outlines recommendations on how to build stronger bridges between funders and Indigenous women’s organizations. For its part the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples -IFIP- commented on the report stating that “this report is also timely, written at a moment when donor interest in funding Indigenous communities is on the rise”.

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A call to action – Status of funding for Indigenous Women

During the 13th AWID ForumDr. Myrna Cunningham Kain in her capacity as AWID’s President of the Board of Directors and in representation of FIMI along with Teresa Zapeta, FIMI’s Program Coordinator, shared some inputs of the study in multiple spaces of the Forum in early September 2016. Throughout the AWID Forum, both indigenous women and funders received with great interest the results of the report, recognizing it as a first analysis exercise that lays the foundations for further deepening on ways to financing, and building a path collectively aimed at strengthening ties of reciprocity and complementarity.

This document was made possible thanks to the effort and support of many people, donors and allies that share our vision and commitment to the progress of the rights of indigenous peoples, particularly indigenous women. Special thanks to the Channel Foundation, The Global Fund for Women and the International Fund for Agriculture Development IFAD for their comments and feedback on this publication.

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