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From Akili Dada: What Investing in Girls Looks Like – Purity’s Journey

15 years ago, my mother and I stood in line outside of my high school principal’s office. Last to go in, I waited with bated breath knowing that the conversation between my mother and the Principal would determine my future. When she came out, she wasn’t smiling.

Though I had been accepted to school and there was no doubt that I would excel, my family acquired a new challenge: my school fees cost $100 every 3 months but my mother only had $10. I spent my days anxious about whether or not my education would be interrupted for lack of school fees. I felt like a burden on my mother. In spite of these challenges, the interventions of my classmates and my family’s relentless pleas to the school’s administration, ensured that I graduated.

Fast forward 15 years I am thankful for the opportunity to complete my education and the support of my community. Because of this, I was afforded more opportunities which led me to the position I am in today as the Executive Director of Akili Dada.

Akili Dada invests in girls like me. Girls who have the potential to head organizations, girls who defy the odds and who can do anything they set their minds to.

I am proof that education, mentorship and personal development works. I am grateful for the platform that Akili Dada has provided me to share my story with girls and young women to show that they too can overcome challenges and achieve successful futures.


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