The Mize Family Foundation is pleased to announce our 2018 grants awarded to the following organizations, three of which have been awarded two-year grants:

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) helps communities speak out for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet.  We are a global alliance of attorneys, scientists and other advocates collaborating across borders to promote grassroots efforts to build a sustainable, just future.

ELAW advocates, working in their home countries, know best how to protect the environment. By giving our partners the legal and scientific support they need, ELAW helps challenge environmental abuses and builds a worldwide corps of skilled, committed advocates working to protect ecosystems and communities for generations to come.



FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas. FRIDA aims to bring new resources and new opportunities to girls, young women and trans youth globally; and support young feminist organizers to achieve their dreams and make the world a more just place, to disrupt the status quo and challenge power dynamics within funding institutions.

FRIDA’s vision is a world where young women, girls and trans* youth are recognized as experts of their own reality, enjoying their human rights and building a more just and sustainable world through collective power and transformative leadership.


Front and Centered

Front and Centered is an action coalition of racial and economic justice organizations which strives to elevate the voices and interests of communities of color to the center of public policy, community-based education and organizing, and impact investments addressing climate change.

Formed in 2014, the coalition comprises the State’s leading racial justice organizations which together, have a reach that spans thousands of families and individuals for whom the impacts of climate change hold the most harmful and lasting consequences.


Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders was founded in Dublin in 2001 with the specific aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk (HRDs), people who work, non-violently, for any or all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Front Line Defenders addresses the protection needs identified by HRDs themselves.

The overriding ambition of Front Line Defenders is to enable human rights defenders – including environmental, indigenous and land rights defenders – at the local and national level to enjoy freedom and security to undertake their legitimate activities.



Global Press Institute

Global Press exists to pave a new way forward for international journalism. Acknowledging the flaws and limitations in both foreign correspondence and citizen journalism, Global Press offers a powerful third way. Global Press Institute (GPI) trains women in developing media markets around the world to be ethical, investigative, feature journalists. After completing the Institute’s 24-module training program, trainees are employed as professional reporters at Global Press Journal. At the Journal, reporters cover the topics of their choice, supported by a sophisticated editorial structure that offers deep insight, extraordinary context and complete accuracy. Once complete, local language and English versions of stories are published on the Journal and distributed via Global Press News Service, the syndication division of Global Press.

GPI is building a network of professional women journalists throughout the developing world who earn a fair wage for reporting on their local communities. Their unique coverage of issues overlooked by mainstream media contributes directly to the development and empowerment of their communities, brings greater transparency to their countries, and changes the way the world views their people and cultures.


Honor the Earth

Honor the Earth is a Native-led organization, established by Winona LaDuke and Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, in 1993 to address the two primary needs of the Native environmental movement: the need to break the geographic and political isolation of Native communities and the need to increase financial resources for organizing and change.

Honor the Earth’s mission is to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth and be a voice for those not heard.


Na’ah Illahee Fund

Na’ah Illahee Fund’s mission is to support the ongoing regeneration of sustainable Northwest Native communities led by educated, connected, vested and passionate Native women and girls.

NIF believes that Native women are at the heart of Native communities and that their vision, their initiatives and their perseverance should be supported with resources. NIF seeks transformative change at the community level through supporting Native women’s traditional models of leadership and organizing. NIF believes that stronger Native women leaders can determine their own priorities for the future and can protect our mother earth more effectively.

NIF provides capacity building support and funding to Native woman-led organizations, youth training, and environmental justice programming that helps advance sustainable Native Cultures.


Zimbabwe Organic Smallholder Farmers’ Forum (ZIMSOFF)

ZIMSOFF envisions improved livelihoods of organized and empowered smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe, practicing sustainable and viable ecological agriculture.

ZIMSOFF’s mission is to influence policies and to raise public awareness with regards to agroecology and the rights of smallholder farmers in Zimbabawe. ZIMSOFF’s membership, now at 19,000, is made up of smallholder farmers from four clusters in Zimbabwe; the central cluster, Masvingo and Midlands province; the eastern cluster, Manicaland province; the northern cluster, Mashonaland province; and the western cluster, Matabeleland province.

ZIMSOFF is made up of smallholder farmers working with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that issues of food sovereignty, land justice, and environmental justice are represented in local, national, regional and international spaces. ZIMSOFF’s work focuses on agroecology, biodiversity, agrarian reform, seed sovereignty, and gender parity.


Urgent Action Fund – Africa

Urgent Action Fund-Africa is a consciously feminist and women’s human rights Pan-African Fund established in 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. As the first rapid response fund on the continent, UAF-Africa adds value to the work of activists and civil society organisations focusing on women’s active socio-political participation and visibility by leveraging resources and opportunities for critical engagements that advance women’s rights. Committed to working across Africa, UAF-Africa builds broader alliances with partners at national, regional and international levels.