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Protecting the Environment Through Law Across Africa

ELAW’s work in Africa began nearly 25 years ago. Since then, we have helped young lawyers in Tanzania, Kenya, Liberia, and Zimbabwe launch their nations’ rst environmental law organizations, and helped lawyers in 26 nations strengthen or enforce environmental laws to protect the rights of local communities.

ELAW gives its partners the tools and resources they need to protect air, soil, water, and ecosystems, and builds a worldwide corps of skilled advocates working to protect ecosystems and public health for generations to come.

The key to our strategy is locating strong advocates who are committed to protecting communities and the environment in their home countries. By collaborating with these advocates and providing legal and scienti c tools, we achieve substantial impact around the globe.

Decades of work building the corps of grassroots advocates in Africa is having a big impact:

Partners in Liberia advanced their nation’s rst framework environmental law, partners in South Africa ensured that corporations must share information about pollution, partners in Kenya are waging a historic battle to halt what would be East Africa’s rst coal- red power plant, partners in Ghana are fearlessly standing up to mining industry giants to ensure that natural resource extraction bene ts local communities, and a new partner in Sierra Leone is launching his nation’s rst public interest environmental law organization.

Since 1995, ELAW has hosted dozens of Fellows from across the continent, including Fellows this past year from countries new to the ELAW network: Morocco and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Earlier this year, 25 grassroots attorneys from 14 African nations participated in the 2017 ELAW Annual International Meeting.

Enjoy the highlights of our work with partners in Africa in our newsletter, ELAW Advocate.

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