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Hope Chigudu and Rudo Chigudu, two experienced and wise African feminists, have produced a guide that focuses on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of organisational leadership rather than organisational management. It is a manual that offers a context for organisational sustainability that goes beyond financial and institutional structures and systems, to highlight how we need to address, reflect and nurture the heart of our visions and missions if our organisations are to thrive and survive. It’s focus on power relationships, on ‘care’ and on putting values and principles at the heart of organisational systems and activities introduces new ways of thinking about how organisations operate effectively and with meaning.

The African Women’s Development Fund understands the power of individual but also organisational leadership in the struggle for social change, equity and justice.

We believe strongly that if we have strong women’s rights organisations, those organisations will drive a truly transformational and catalytic feminist agenda around the promotion and achievement of women’s rights in Africa and globally.

We need strong organisations, but we don’t  need strong organisations that have no politics. I mean ‘politics’ in terms of progressive, feminist ideas around breaking the discriminatory systems that women live and work in. I mean organisations that enshrine equality and justice not just in their rhetoric, but in their actions. That is not going to happen if women’s rights organisations simply attend one of the many management training courses in existence, and return to tick boxes about being able to develop strategic plans.

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